Paying it forward is an expression first coined by Lily Hardy Hammond in her 1916 book In the Garden of Delight. Describing the benefit of repaying to others a good deed done you, paying it forward has since morphed into a social, economic and spiritual principle embraced in earnest by individuals, communities, governments and corporations around the world.

We at Wildfire have long been encouraged by the idea of paying it forward. To that end, our goal is to contribute 1% of our revenue to various charitable causes in the communities we call home. In time, we will also look to partner with national and international organizations that are aligned with our core beliefs.

“The cannabis community has a long history of helping one another, their communities, and causes close to their hearts. We want to continue this tradition and honour the sacrifices that were made to make legalization possible,” says Wildfire CEO Mark Spear. “We are making a firm commitment to the issues we feel particularly passionate about on the regional level, eventually growing to include all of Canada and the global community.”

Specifically, we are committing to supporting three core causes: cannabis, climate change and animal welfare. These causes were chosen as they are close to our hearts and are in dire need of support. We plan to start at the grassroots level and expand our reach as we grow.

When we considered what is likely the most pressing problem we as humans face, climate change was consistently top of mind. It’s for that reason that we’ve decided to both dedicate the way we to business, and give to organizations that are doing their part to ensuring future generations can thrive on earth.

“The serious environmental issues that we face today are highly concerning, and we strongly feel that not only should the cannabis industry not exacerbate these problems, it should be leading the charge to help solve them,” says Spear. “Regenerative agriculture that uses minimal off-farm inputs and actually improves soil fertility over time is catching on quickly, as is natural insect control that doesn’t involve spraying pesticides. These are practices that not only yield a better product but are beneficial to us and the environment as well.”

Our reasoning for supporting animal rights is a little more personal. As pet owners, farmers and individuals who are in touch with the land we live on and the wildlife that roams it, we have long made a conscious effort to give back to causes like animal welfare. A somewhat neglected aspect of philanthropic concern, we are dedicated to supporting, protecting, and advocating for the creatures we share this earth with.

The cannabis community is always top of mind. It is difficult to see patients in serious need go without their authorized medicine due to affordability. We will have compassionate pricing when we bring direct medical sales online, but we feel it’s important to go even one step further. To give back to the community that has given us so much, we will team up with various charities to help ensure those who need cannabis the most have access.

Our plan is to start paying it forward to the communities – Renfrew, Lanark, Lambton and Glencoe – in which we operate. As Wildfire grows across Canada, we will expand the breadth of our charitable efforts to include national and, in time, international causes. At the same time, cannabis, environmental and animal rights will stand as the pillars on which we will continue to hang our charitable efforts.